Have You Tried Ener-C?

Welcome to Ener-C

Hi There, I'm Richard Pollock, the CEO & Co-founder of Ener-C and I wanted to tell you a little about myself & the team, Ener-C, and the future of this blog space.

Seven flavour's of Ener-C's vitamin C drink mix packets lined up

My vitamin C journey started when I was three years old. I had been diagnosed with acute hyperactivity, ADHD, and a slew of learning disabilities.  “Ritalin!” the doctors, teachers, aunts, and uncles screamed.  Fortunately, my grandparents lived next door to a doctor by the name of Abraham Hoffer, one of the founding fathers of the Orthomolecular Society (Check them out: Rather than Ritalin, Dr. Hoffer prescribed mega doses of Vitamin C, Niacinamide, and B vitamins.  He also had refined sugar removed entirely from my diet.  Lo and behold, my problems disappeared and I was able to function as a relatively “normal” kid. Over the years I continued to take Vitamin C and hand it out to my friends at High School and University.  It really was a natural evolution that I ended up becoming a vitamin C evangelist with a desire to build a company around a foundation of vitamin C.  When it came to building a company the first question I had was: “what did I want from a company I was going to put my life’s energy into?”

First and foremost, I did not want to be just a company out there making a product with the hope that you would buy it; my mission was a little more selfish than that.  I wanted to surround myself with a group of friends who have become family, who wanted to build a brand, and our company, so we could accomplish the following:

  1. Have fun working and building together.
  2. Have an adventure, life is short after all.
  3. Create a brand that becomes part of your daily life.
  4. Build products that are healthy, socially responsible, and truly great.
  5. Continually improve our brand, ourselves, and hopefully, help to contribute to a better you.

I decided to build a company around a brand, Ener-C, which would address a couple of basic human truths.  The first truth is that we are all by nature thirsty creatures.  The second is that we could do with more energy.  There were very few choices out there when it came to finding a product that was healthy, naturally Non-GMO,  caffeine and stimulant free, low in sugar, and made by companies we could trust and respect.  I also wanted to build a category around Ener-C that could help build other like-minded brands.  I believe that powdered vitamin drink mixes have an important future and that there are many companies out there who are creating great products like Ener-C.  I want to help foster understanding and acceptance of these good companies, and their products too.  After all, what’s life without variety?

What about this blog space?  Over the coming months and years we will be sharing health tips, recipes, and great stories about adventures and traveling, keeping you up to date on what we are up to, and letting you know about other companies we love.  This blog is for you too; if there are any specific ideas you have for future posts, or if you want to contribute to our blog, please email us at and let us know -we would love to hear from you.
Thanks for visiting our blog and supporting our company.

Richard Pollock
Co-founder & CEO