Be Better, Live Better - Introducing our 30 Days Healthier Winner!

With over 17,000 of you joining us on our latest campaign "30 Days Healthier" this past summer, we are beyond excited and inspired to share with you the incredible story of transformation, motivation and success our winner Rick Cleary achieved in his challenge.  

#30DaysHealthier – My Story

I want to thank everyone at ENER-C & Mandy Gill for allowing me the great opportunity of participating in the #30DaysHealthier challenge. I look forward to further challenges ahead.

I decided at the age of forty, twenty years ago, that I would improve my overall fitness and to achieve this, started to run. I solicited the help of a friend, and together, we agreed that we needed an ambitious goal, to run a major marathon in twelve months. As it turned out, we did just that by running the Chicago marathon, which was to be our first and last marathon. Well, not exactly. I was hooked and over the next fifteen years went on to run ten more marathons, fifteen half marathons, seven 30km races, nine 25km trail races, and, just because, two triathlons. Those fifteen years were my healthiest.

Then my life inexplicably changed, and I fell into a severe depression, and I would battle suicidal thoughts over the next five years. I pulled away from all that I loved, and it was not only my mind that suffered, but I had lost all my fitness that I had worked so hard for. Now over those five years, I did attempt to get my health back, but every time I had a minor setback, my depression would drag me down again. I couldn’t keep myself motivated; I was alone and couldn’t pull it together; I needed help. Then through Mandy and ENER-C, I was introduced to the #30DayHealthier challenge. At first, I would pass as I hadn’t been successful up until now. However, I managed to convince myself that it was now or never and signed up.

 Rick Cleary - 30 Day Healthier Challenge Winner

The challenge was incredible. For the first time in five years, I wasn’t alone and had the great support of
ENER-C and Mandy Gill. The workouts and nutritional information were invaluable, and I was a sponge incorporating everything presented into a new fitness plan, I felt motivated. Over the challenge I began running consistently again, I was committed to completing all the workouts, I tried every new nutritional recipe provided, and I felt good. I had even lost fourteen pounds had renewed energy that I had lost to my depression. I was also introduced to the tremendous ENER-C products, which I continue to use today. I was back.

Over the next six to twelve months, I have set three specific smart goals for myself that are Specific, Measurable, Relevant, and Time-based. The first goal is to create a lifestyle change regarding my nutrition by developing a nutritional/wellness plan that will support my weight/management and fitness goals. 

My second goal is to lose thirty pounds while improving my core. My final goal is to complete a half marathon at the end of the twelve months. I will continue to participate in all initiatives with ENER-C and Mandy Gill in achieving my goals as I feel like I am one of the team.

Rick Cleary